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Here for the gear

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Hey that's amazing that you still have this stuff. The pedal is worth a couple hundred bucks if you get it working. As you've discovered the circuit is quite simple, so troubleshooting would be pretty easy. Most likely it's either a dead transistor or a bad coupling cap. If you want to dive into it all you really need is a basic multimeter with a diode check function. I can walk you through some troubleshooting steps if you'd like.
Thanks a LOT, Sam, and yeah, it's amazing to me, too. I'm not a packrat, but I get sentimentally attached to things like this, and just keep 'em. i'm old enough now to realize that everything deteriorates when enough years pass. Electrical and electronic components included. Kinda bites.

Let me get back to you tomorrow, Monday. I'd much appreciate your advice and oversight on troubleshooting. I have a very basic multimeter, but it just might have a diode check function. I'll look into it and reappear here tomorrow.