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Unfortunately the client wasn't me today because the production selected would of been better. There would of been tracked out instrumentation and the vocals would of sat better because of the performance being greater. The issue I have is that i take everyone's music as serious as my own. I think that's how it should be as an audio engineer but that's not always the healthiest method in most cases. I'll be spending the rest of my afternoon scouring the web for tutorials on how to better accommodate the workflow. P.S the clients were happy but I can't quite go by their standards.

Thank you so much for your words. I truly needed it and I'll definitely go back in and work on those reverberations.
I agree about making yourself happy even after the client is. It’s your name on there too and your studio, many times the client told me they were good, I said great, but I have much to do. There are many variables too, such as money (time). Not everyone can afford a 10 hour mix, so we must do a “10 hour mix” in 3 hours (to get similar results) the clients that understand this are a Blessing. The ones that don’t are part of the reason I don’t work professionally anymore lol (only half serious lol, there were many reasons, crappy music being number one, shotty hours (3p-4a) was number two. The most important thing, other than happy producers and artists, is to keep growing as an engineer ourselves. Pushing the boundries of our craft. Sadly many get burnt out and then just stop caring and only do it for money......edit—not sure what kind of music your doing at the moment, on my voice I like an old school Jim Morrison vibe, so I use a plate with 2.8 decay and a 41 sec pre delay. Dialed to taste. With some slap echo in there as well. Even maybe a longer delay for feel to help mimic that echo chamber they had/have.