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Here for the gear

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Most issues I had came from humans themselves. Your honesty with yourself is refreshing. All’s we can do is our best. Our best in that moment. When nirvana asked Steve albini to remix “in utero” he said I’ll listen to it again to see if I can do better. He came back and said he can’t do any better than he already did and maybe they should find someone else. (Steve knee he did his best). Just do the best you can. If a reverb doesn’t cut it, keep tweaking. Maybe go for natural reverb (find a nice space and pump the sound in). We all have days, although you said “yest you figured out all your problems”, that seems positive. If the client is happy, that is the most important most would say. If the client is you, make yourself happy by all means. Cheers
Unfortunately the client wasn't me today because the production selected would of been better. There would of been tracked out instrumentation and the vocals would of sat better because of the performance being greater. The issue I have is that i take everyone's music as serious as my own. I think that's how it should be as an audio engineer but that's not always the healthiest method in most cases. I'll be spending the rest of my afternoon scouring the web for tutorials on how to better accommodate the workflow. P.S the clients were happy but I can't quite go by their standards.

Thank you so much for your words. I truly needed it and I'll definitely go back in and work on those reverberations.