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Here for the gear

So youre using it only as AD Converter, no other purposes like preamps? Just converting the Analog to Digital and send it out from optical port?
One clamied here that somewhere in AD or DA stage something weird happens to signal, bet its in DA stage, if at all, as noone other complains:

Originally Posted by killme View Post
going crazy.. i noticed that something annoying me when my synths goes through "ad/da-> headphones" of profire 2626....after a little test i noticed a strange behavior at different samplrates..test : synth -> analog in ->headphones and changing 44-48-88-96 and so on (in pauses listening from direct headphone out on synth for clean signal reset in head)
, at 48 and 88 there is a little bit extra something strange like resonances or something else in the upper mid/high frequencies which irritates and tired 44 and 96 I don't feel it, confused what exactly gives such an effect..I dont want to record at 44 but 96 is to much for system
never noticed this effect before, looks like I'll have to buy another soundcard for testing da conversion... has anyone noticed something similar????????