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Originally Posted by Pater Profundus ➡️
Have you tried it? The piano roll is promising but the harmonic analysis is so weak that it wouldn't help anyone. There's no way of indicating inversions (A/C# for example). Drawing notes on the piano roll is very buggy.

Hopefully it will improve but at the moment, it's of very limited use when it comes to transcription (my main interest). One can put a lot of work in and still not have anything of much value. I'll be carrying on using Reaper with plug-ins (and my ears) for analysis and Dorico for the output.

If it's really only going to be a tool for facilitating playing along with tracks, then it might mature relatively quickly.
To be honest I was mostly playing with the pitch and time manipulation I'm sure the analysis is not as strong, any other software I've tried like Capo 3 has been pretty flawed. It seems reasonably accurate though, like I just tried opening "And I Love Her" to throw it a softball and it looks correct to me.