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Sorry, I'm using the RME UFX II. I'm going into the RME preamps (channels 9 - 12), then out of it, via the hardware outputs of the same RME UFX II, to the DBX and h3000, then back into the same RME UFX II inputs to pro tools.

The converter from pro tools to the H3000 is the same RME UFX II interface.
OK, so gain staging is mainly a matter of watching and measuring the level at various points in the chain. This was easy in the old days when everything went into and out of a mixer because the mixer provided comprehensive monitoring and metering. With a bunch of separate units this is not always as easy. However, you are reasonably OK. The RME has comprehensive metering, the H3000 I suggest you set to work at +4dBu as suggested in the manual and the DBX165 has a meter which I suggest you also calibrate to +4dBu as described in its manual.

I had a quick scan of the RME manual so I suggest you set the AD inputs to Lo Gain which will give a maximum input level of +19dBu. If you set the gain on the gutar/synth input so it operates around -15dBFS you outputs will be around +4dBu. I suggest you set the H3000 for +4dBu operating and using its meters to check the level going through it. Lastly the dbx165 has abuilt in meter. If you calibrate this for _4dBu operation you should be all set. Just keep an eye on the meters.

For driving the H300 from protools I think you need to set the DA outputs for high gain which again will set -15dBFS to about +4dBu (seems strange you set inputs to low gain and outputs to high gain for a nominal _4dBu operating level but that is what the manual seems to say).

After that, just keep an eye on the meters and set the gain for the instrument at the rme input.