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The CPU utilization during an offline bounce can only be as good as while you're composing / mixing. How evenly are the cores of your CPU used before the bounce?

The maximum speed in an offline bounce can be throttled by a number of things:

1. Plugins need to be assigned to a single core, so evenly spread core utilization may be difficult for Pro Tools to achieve.

2. Sequential audio-paths cannot be parallelized. For example: If you have a virtual instrument on a track with some plugin inserts which then goes into a bus with some other plugin inserts which then goes into your mix bus with some plugin inserts, this whole path has to be processed in serial. The "longest" path determines the maximum processing speed, because all other parallel paths need to wait before this one has been processed in the current buffer.
Hmm...But the session I'm bouncing isn't that complicated. It's a podcast.

16 tracks of mostly white space, 6 copies of RX7 Voce de-noise, a couple of EQs and a mastering chain?

I also was looking at the CPU usage during bounce-down it was at 40-50% evenly across all 6 cores. All cores were at 3.8 ghz and 50 decrees C so no thermal throttling there either...