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OK, so do you know if your multimeter will read a.c. at 1kHz or above? Most of them dont. You really need an audio millivoltmeter or similar. Even an old vtvm is probably better than most digital multimeters. The heath company made them as kits in the old days.
Where did you get the idea that the meter reading needed to be doubled? Wrong! A good meter should be easy to read and calibrated.
And that Youtube video tells you nothing!
I don't think my multimeter measures in millivolt. Is this the one you're suggesting?

I know that Fluke make great multimeters, would the following be suitable?


Regarding the doubling of the volt reading, this was suggested in some videos I watched. I'll delete that info from the memory bank.


In relation to the youtube clip, is there a good resource that you know of that explains how to calibrate everything end to end properly?

I'm using pro tools with a RME UFX II and Antelope Orion Gen 3 AD/DA converters, together with some outboard analog gear (DBX 165a compressor, Eventide H3000, chandler TG2 pre amp)

Thanks for your advice!