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Gain staging / Calibrating Recording Chain

Hello all,

I recently purchased a Behringer CT100 test tone / cable tester so that I could calibrate my analog and digital recording chain.

I'm finding some unexpected results.

On the Behringer CT100, I set it to generate a +4dBu test tone at 1000Hz, and use a multimeter to test the output voltage.

With the multi-meter set to AC measurement, I receive a reading of 0.5V. I believe this to be half of the AC waveform, and must x2 which suggests a reading of 1V.

I was expecting to have a reading of 0.6v which would be closer to 1.23V for +4dBu.

Is this a problem with the Behringer CT100, and should I be using a different brand?

I've been listening to the following youtube advice to calibrate my system.