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I'd really like to use this plug, but saw just before pulling the trigger it's cpu requirements (avx? whatever it's called). I'm using a 2008 MacPro, so unless I'm missing something, I see no way to use this plug with current system. I don't have the budget for a newer system that can handle my workflow, but I do see dirt cheap 2014 or so Mac Minis that might fit the cpu requirements, so...

Is there some way to use the Mini to run just this plug for a Logic session otherwise hosted on a more robust, but older mac?

If not, what is the absolute oldest, cheapest mac it can run on? If I can get a used one for a couple hundred bucks with no bells and whistles, and hook it up next to my main system, maybe I can work something out to sync sessions on both machines then bounce over to main system once dialed... or something along those lines. Not an ideal workflow by any means, but I'm not seeing another way to use Modo Drum.

Any suggestions how to proceed under these conditions?
According to Pro Tools Expert "It’s also worth noting that the earliest mac machines with AVX started around 2011" from

If buying something right at the edge of this timeline I'd suggest asking the seller to check (they also provide command line functions to check in that article).