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Soundcraft Delta 8 - Overbridge Meter mod?

Hey everyone...

I have a Soundcraft Delta 8.

I use the tape returns on the board for channels 1-16 from my DAW to the board; and the 16 led meters on the overbridge reflect these channels.

However, by design, if I use a return on my group channels, the overbridge will then meter the return rather than my inputs.

I'd like to have the overbridge continue to meter the 16 tape returns, even if I use the returns on the group channels.

(schematic attached)

Each group channel has two connectors (cn8, cn9), for metering from input channels and then one connector (cn10) which sends the two signals to the overbridge.

It appears to me that I may be able to wire the connectors from cn8/cn9 directly to cn10... and that way the overbridge would always reflect the 'regular' channels and not the returns on the groups; meaning:

cn8 pin1 -> cn10 pin1
cn9 pin1 -> cn10 pin3

Is there anything wrong with this?

What would I do with cn8/cn9 pin2?

Would I need to add any resistors or anything?

Also, would anyone have the delta 8 'technical manual' ? I have the schematics that float around but it appears the technical manual has in-depth descriptions of circuits etc, which may be useful.

Any insights are appreciated; thank you!
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