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5U/Grandmother/Matriarch panel spacing

After more than a month with the Grandmother plus the time I had with the Matriarch before, my earlier suspicions re Panel Size have been confirmed:

I vastly (nearly immeasurably) prefer the bigger panel spacing of the Grandmother/Matriarch to the more cramped norm in most Eurorack modules.

Especially when "playing" the gear like an instrument, actively adjusting things in real time, all that. It's more "adult sized", the 5U. For grown person hands.

Granted, IMO, Eurorack still crushes all of the other formats when it comes to options/variety, size of market, size of used market, growth potential, etc.

And, as far as I'm concerned, all of my Eurorack gear sounds and works fantastic.., zero complaints with any of those aspects. I'm cool w 1/8" cables, too.

Further, it's not like I hate Eurorack/3U gear, now. I lurve it, and it excels in certain Use Cases, namely portability and situations where overall size matters.

But I suspect I will start to slowly migrate to a larger format where I can. I don't want to lose any features or options so I may just remount some 3U to 5U.

I haven't gotten that far yet.

But man, what a difference. From "knob resolution" (larger diameter knobs vs tiny ones), to more easily seen labels, more room for your hands; bigger rules.

It's also helped to solidify the decision to go and re-buy a Matriarch to accompany the GM and be a more central piece of my studio-based modular.

Now, more than ever, I must carefully weigh each module I purchase... is there a 5U version already? Is it redundant with the GM and Matriarch, and so on.

Yet another day in modular land.

Warts and all it's still the best thing going.