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Originally Posted by Mikael B View Post
If so, it's possibly something with the settings of that Drum Buss that is affecting this. Try to make a fresh sibling not in a group and route to that as a test. When you got that working remodel all your other routings according ot this new buss and see if the same issue appears again at any step.

I've encountered this issue, but I'm not sure what I did to fix it. Probably something along the lines above though. My main source for learning the Live mixer is by testing stuff and using null tests to discover what you cannot always hear. I haven't made a comparison, but Live 10 seems to be more straightforward than 9, even as they're quite similar. I'd like to get into grouping a little more. I tend to not use groups that much, but last night I did when I needed a submix of multiple samples.
Most of the times, I only use groups to glue things together using some buss compression, but it's also extremely helpful when using automation for whole sections of a song (boosting or ducking volume, reverb level, etc.). It's also easier to make a filter sweep on a build-up if you have the buss channel already well set up.

I will experiment further. Thanks again for taking the time to help me out!