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Does your mixer not have a headphone level control already? Can't you turn the level down there?

I think standard practice in this case would be an L pad--a series resistor leading to the driver in parallel with another resistor. I think a series resistor of about 125 ohms and a parallel one of about 250 ohms would be a reasonable starting point, giving about a 6 dB attenuation while maintaining approximately the same overall impedance, if my mental math is roughly correct. The exact values are not critical; matching them between the two sides is a bit more important, at least within reason. 1/4 watt resistors ought to be sufficient.

There are also plenty of headphone level control/attenuator gizmos available for not too much money, though I supsect most of them are designed for lower impedance headphones. For example, here's one. I have no specific experience with this one or others, so can't make a specific recommendation; it's only an example.