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I didn't quite get what you meant by the phasing issues. Would you mind explaining a little more?
If the send back to the return is enabled 1 sample of latency is added in order to processing to work. This can create phasing issues as the returns will be 1 sample late. If the send back to the return disabled this doesn't happen. Unless you intend to create a loop that feeds back on itself it's always safer to disable sends going back to a return that the sending track takes a signal from. You can still send to other returns that aren't going back to the sending track, of course.

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So I'm sending signal to the returns, but I would like that signal, after being processed by the returns, to come back to the drum buss for some good ol' buss compression that includes the reverbs and delays. Is this more clear? My buss isn't sending anything to the returns, but the different audiotracks that are grouped in the buss are.
OK, that's more straightforward and is more how my actual routings look. Your Drum Buss return serves no purpose that I can see though, unless you want to treat the returns differently than the main signal.

One thing I do instead, is to use a "Main Buss", that is the single track that sends to "Master". All my buss tracks, all my returns as well as any tracks not sending to a buss, send their signals to this "Main Buss".

This gives me the opportunity to add additional processing for all tracks, not in the master. In the Master I put analytical tools and speaker emulation that I don't want in my exports, so I export the "Main Buss" and never the master.

This basic flexible set-up serves me really well and makes it easy to get a cohesive sound.

You first get compression of what goes into the drum buss, then that signal is mixed with all other tracks into the master, where I typically add more compression. This makes more sense to me as I use my returns for all instruments. Because compression multiplies I add very gentle amounts in each step, basically just kissing the transients in the Main.