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I also tried sending the out of each send to the drum buss, but the signal gets there dry, which is a bummer.
You don't share your setup. I can only guess.
I must assume that you with "each send" mean the returns? Inside a drum rack or? You must have made a mistake as if you're sending to the returns it doesn't matter where the signal goes, once wet it should remain wet. Likely you're not routing what you think you are.

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Is it possible for it to compress not only the different elements on the drum buss but also the respective sends that are set on each separate element (mostly reverb and delay)?
In a drum buss you're affecting the sum of "the different elements " not each element.

I don't understand what you want with a "different buss," but you can use any number of busses. You do need to route them properly. Maybe something like the below?

Here's one routing example that might fit you (or not). Please note the details such as the disabling of the send back to the return that is feeding it (or you risk getting phasing issues as well as adding latency for no good reason):

With this routing the drum rack track and the return goes to the "drum buss" track. The sends from the rack goes out to the return instead of the rack output. It doesn't matter where you place the effect for this to work, but if you place it in the return track also other tracks can send to it.