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Proper grounding for 100V adapter

I live in the land of 120V, but have about 10 rack synths/effects that I picked up in Japan. I have a 1500w adapter that feeds all of it. This adapter, pictured below, looks like it has some provisions for grounding the Japanese plugs, but I'm a little unclear on how to use it. The little metal tab can be swung to touch one of the prongs, but that seems a little extreme. Is that really what you do?

Some of the gear is clearly marked as needing a ground, and I'd like to avoid damaging components. (my impression is that the grounding is more about not shocking the user)

I also have a 3-to-2 prong adapter that has a little grounding fork coming out of it, but again, not sure what you are supposed to do with it.

Google isn't being very helpful about it, so I'm hoping some of you might be able. Sorry if it's a little off-topic.
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