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Old 23rd December 2019
Lives for gear

The choice of colour of LED is tricky as the colour you end up with is not necessarily what the data sheets suggest.
However, you do need to use some maths and roughly speaking LEDs should be run at around 20mA or a touch less if you can. The maths gets more fun if you are using rectified and possibly unsmoothed AC.
Whites often are used at a higher current, but then are too 'white' anyway although a white run at 20mA or less with a bit of yellow cellophane might do it for you.
It is mostly a 'fiddling around' exercise rather than being out and out expensive.
When run at a modest current LEDs will last for years.
I expect there will be Youtube or other resources to help work out the maths and a 'fiddle' factor of about 50% means you don't have to be super critical.
Have fun and don't bend the meter needle!)
Matt S