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Thanks, David

Great tips! These are indeed great and exciting products. I bought a couple of their 'E' generators last spring. . .and am thrilled with them. However, they don't yet suit my current workflows as well as Ambient + the A10s. [1]

For a number of reasons, I primarily rely on Ambient for timecode. Still, on more than one occasion I've also needed the Tentacle Syncs and they didn't let me down.

The A10 transmitters do record in-device [including timecode from their own generators] to microSD cards. For me, these recordings have just been backups. . .and never yet required. Still, I want what I want [as mentioned in my post above].

With respect to Track-E's advertising of 32-bit float: I don't expect it to be competitive with the SD MixPre II implementation - which [I think] uses multiple AD converters for each single ingest channel. My suspicion is that the Track-E's ingest architecture isn't sufficiently wide to leverage the bit depth in the way I would hope - but I would love to find out that I am wrong on that.

It shouldn't be a hard requirement for most engineers, but I currently expect anything I'm going to plug a mic into to support 48v. . .which Track-E doesn't. That's just me being me, I'm afraid.

All that stated, the Tentacle Sync booth is a 'must see' for the OP, I'm guessing.

Kind regards,

Ray H.

[1] I generally need to do 1st cut, live 'pre-mixing'; and wireless is the best fit for me there. Sync is easier and supported at far greater distances by Ambient, the ACN-CL does genlock/wordclock as well as timecode, I also use Ambient's timecode slate [for me, an irreplaceable jewel - though I maybe see more people using Denecke slates here?], and I use Ambient's LockitScript [production management] software. Some of the Ambient devices perform additional, sophisticated [e.g., metadata] functions that I am not yet using. . .but may well use in the future.

EDIT: I should have mentioned [for the sake of other readers] that I use Tentacle Sync Studio - to splice audio to video for the dailies. A terrific piece of software! A very few seconds of attention, and I can hand off all of the raw takes [with flawlessly synced sound] to anyone who needs them. Highly recommended!