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You're wrong because there's a continuously varying analog waveform that's being sampled at consistent intervals. There's no nudging or moving around or quantization in the time domain of the analog waveform. How would that even work?

It's a continuously varying analog voltage.
Ahh, my wording might be wrong or messed up what I am trying to convey ? Either way, thanks for telling me this. As I love the info !!

The word "nudging" and "quantizing" is what is wrong. But I also must stress, this is not what I claim to be right about, I am only shooting the breeze with this.

So, are you saying just like recording on analog tape, and punching in and out of recording as fast as your finger can press it, doing the same thing recording digitally it gets 100% of the same linear recording as the tape would ? To me it seems like it couldn't due to/pending resolution limits.

My question/debate with this is this. Similar to you can't have 4k of video information in a 1080 screen, how can you record in places that is not there in the resolution grid/place/universe ? So less of nudging, and wondering if it just misses the info there then ?

So IE, in a 44.1k recording session, there are only 44.1 thousand pictures of the audio taken per second, and due to it being a resolution, there are therefore only 44.1k *places* per second these recordings can start and/or stop. Lets think about this down to the billionth of a nano second. If I were to press record or stop at a specific time that these 44.1 thousand pictures were between their resolution limits, would it not need to either start or stop me rounding off to the next nearest sample ? Because I initiated something between the grid lines (in a sense). This is a question, NOT a statement.

(this is about starting and stopping the recordings, not ONCE you started recording btw)
Like, you know when you got a sequencer that's a low resolution old school sequencer say 64PPQ, you press the button here, but it can only register you at its designated places that is one of its 64PPQ resolution places.

With analog tape, it can't help but truly be 100% linear down to the Planck length - lol (you know what Planck is ?) no matter how quick you pump the punch in/out button. This is because there is no resolution. Doesn't resolution = the fineness of the grain, therefore a gap somewhere, like more or less pixels, etc.. small sand vs bigger grains in a jar, etc.. ? Hence the higher the resolution, the less gaps. (again, in a sense) only a analogy.

So thinking higher resolution sample rate wise will equal more places your recordings can start and stop ? Or no ?

And Thanks for sharing your knowledge in advance ! It is appreciated.