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Good grief man!

You're so far off how it works it's unbelievable you have the balls to speak with such authority. Tell me you're joking, please....
Read what I said more. I said this part I do not know, and care less about, BUT to me this is how I see it. Please elaborate if not.. Know what I mean ?

Of course I could be wrong, I even stated that ! lol Please tell me you're kidding.

Why didn't you quote this and tell me I'm wrong ? Good grief and all that, lol -

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What I was really saying that is unarguable is a smoother delivery at editing/nudging audio around after the fact. This is important to me. As I don't quantize, but I have a magical knack at nudging audio of live recordings around if they got too far off, but I keep them natural sounding. This my friend, if you don't know, when working in Pro Tools (which makes it superior to other DAWS that don't) you can edit/nudge down to a sample level. So the higher sample rate the session, the more nudging points I get. THIS creates the power I like. And I really can tell. (lets not forget for the same reason, reverb tails (if reverb was created from a plugin) sound way better at 96k as well.)

So summary is, I can set up a smoother timing at 96k that someone can at 44.1 if I got every hat chopped down to a tiny clip only as long as its actual sound - due to I have twice as many places to nudge the audio clips. And this works for any audio clips.
Thats the part I said in the beginning was what I was talking about.