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I believe its a psychological thing.
Reminds me when me father played a new flute to me, it was a facsimile of an old barock design. And it sounded pretty good, kind of hoarse but warm at the same time. Woody. Expensive. Antique. Till I realized that it was all made from plastic.
Then it sounded like plastic.
A lot of it is always to do with that I feel too. I mean in every field. Life, politics, etc.. literally everything. If you want to believe this and that are the cause of this and that, you will make it true within yourself. And if your powerful enough with enough strings to pull, you can then make it true to others too !

BUT, somethings (like even your experience) could possibly be true. Or have a shred of merit. Like, it takes a small realization to then scrutinize the "XXXX" more and then you do notice some issues.

So then to differentiate between what is truly only psychological vs just maturing realizations and suddenly noticing certain details you didn't before once something was brought to your attention (and the monkey wrench of it being a combination !!! lol) is always a tough line to walk.