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Toyota still makes a pretty good car -- but their designers appear to go way out of their way to make them as ugly as possible. So many ugly, jammed in lines and horrible nonfunctional 'aesthetic' features. Ugh. That said, my last three cars have been Toyotas... and that goes back to the mid 80s.

I'll actually stick up for the lowly mp3 -- with the proviso that they're ALL about the trade-off. Now that we're streaming huge movies and such and we have lossless audio formats like FLAC and AL that deliver virtual transparency in almost all cases, that seems a debatable economy.

BUT, I will say this, at the 320 level -- when encoded with a good encoder they can be very good (like the open source LAME -- I'm not a fan of Fraunhofer; the original is NOT the greatest in my mind -- though I long ago let my Fraunhofer encoder license lapse). At full processing quality/slowest speed, a 320 can sound very good. (I've been unable to suss a well-made 320 of a high quality acoustic jazz/percussion track from full CD quality -- and I HAVE been able to differentiate between a well made 256 and a well-made 320 using ABX test methodology (which, frankly, totally shocked me -- listening ad hoc a few times, I didn't think I'd be able to, but once I got into it, listening to cymbal and reverb tails, I was able to get statistical significance in my differentiation). That was 7 or 8 years ago. Not absolutely sure the ol' ears could still pull that off (I'm old and, strangely, getting older).
True, I agree ! and I admit I stick up for the convenience too. (in any field). I by no means am saying lets do away with mp3's and new ugly cars.. lol - No. What I do not stand for though is to totally delete a way to get the truly better older stuff just cause its too big, less convenient, uses more gas, too heavy, whatever. I feel options should always be there. And that's what I am fighting for.

BTW, totally agree, a 320 Mp3 is great sounding. You'll be hard pressed to tell the difference between it and a 16bit 44.1k file/CD. When I make a mp3, its always at 320. Yes I do make MP3's !! haha