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All was well minus the 1 Oscillator prior to this and now when I power on immediately I hear a loud screeching/white noise followed by what sounds like an Orbital CD played backwards and not in a good way.
You're going to describe it like that and not post a recording?

*To summarize, when an IC logic chip shorts does the damage spread or remain isolated to the chip?
Check the ICs that are connected to those pins. Once when troubleshooting a Wersi EX20 (the problem turned out to be a faulty IC socket), I briefly shorted two pins on the DAC that generates the amplitude control voltages, and it didn't work properly after that (completely unresponsive, display flashing random characters). It turned out that one of the pins I shorted was +15V, and it killed one of the output port pins on the 6809 slave CPU.