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We have used our MixPre-10T for a good few projects. Mostly live concerts when we are working with a video crew and need to be quick and out of the way. I guess we have used it for about forty or fifty concerts. For two jobs this month. Some venues have nowhere convenient to use backstage as a temporary control-room, so we are monitoring on headphones anyway. Largest scale so far would probably be Beethoven symphonies 4, 5 & 6. As far as releases are concerned most would be audio-for-video on some kind of video media - website, YouTube, Vimeo, BluRay, DVD. An example from this month would be
No claims it is perfect, not least because we only had 30mins to set up cameras and microphones.
That sounded wonderful. The piano recording in particular was beautiful. Nice piece as well. Thanks so much for posting that example.

With only 30 minutes to set up both audio and video, I can well see why the 10T is a godsend.

This information is much appreciated.