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Yes, I use it all the time. The problem is that it can take a while to transfer 4-8 high res tracks even under the best circumstances.

My friend Greg Simmons just emailed you let me know that IOS 13 now allows you to access files on an external SD card (with the Apple Lightening card reader) and copy them to the Auria folder. I updated my iPad and gave it a try today and it works perfectly!

I’ve never had trouble with 8 channels at 24/96, which is what I use for field recording. I have not tried 8 tracks at 24/192.

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Thanks very much for that information.

Do you also use Dropbox to transfer recordings from your iPad to a laptop or desktop computer?

The problem with 24/192 I was referring to was that 10T users reported not being able to reliably record a full 8 tracks simultaneously at that higher resolution. Any such problems at 96kHz?

Thanks again.