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Old 22nd December 2019
Here for the gear

Hello there people,

Would anyone be able to suggest a decent USB-C to USB-C cable that works well with the 10t for interface purposes, please?

I got myself a Tethertool Pro cable thinking it would be a good choice, and it just distorted and made horrible crackling noise with barely audible music behind it, I thought it may be the unit at first but then when I got a cheap USB-A to USB-C from Amazon it worked straight away.

However, the cable I have has a bit of a loose fit whilst connecting to the laptop and moves around on the laptop side if it's moved, when it does it goes mad, disconnects and I get crackle again (just not as bad as before - still horrid to listen to and mega annoying though). I have to mess around for a few minutes to get it connected properly again - sometimes turning the Mixpre off and on again is the only thing that fixes it. So, I would prefer USB-C to C in the long run, as this would mean I'm also not using up 50% of my USB-A ports on my laptop too!

Am I overthinking this? Do the majority of them work just fine or is it always a gamble? I'm on a Dell laptop running Windows 10, I have the latest ASIO driver installed and have also updated all the Dell USB drivers from their website too if that helps.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions people may have!