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Old 21st December 2019
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Pro Tools 2019 Lag?

So I realize when switching between different views (Waveform/Vol/Pans/Sends) using Command + Alt + L/R Arrow or even just clicking on the box that it is not smooth between switching between the options.

I've tried it with having 5 plugins on Inserts A-E on only ONE track and the switching is fine. When duplicating 20 tracks with the same plugins and settings that's when it starts to slow down.

I've been on PT since 8 and remember how nicely this would toggle. This started happening in Pro Tools 2018. Now it takes almost a second to do it and just feels weird.

I thought at first it was my outdated Waves plugins but didn't use any in this test session, problem still persists.

I've tried the H/W Buffer Size to 1024 Samples. Nothing.

I've attached 2 images for you to see. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

Any recommended fixes?

Thank you!