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As the 10T has just gotten the firmware update, I haven’t had the chance to try it in the field yet.

I connect the iPad directly with a standard Apple cable (Lightening to USB-A). I found that it would not work with the CCK. And also, it will not work via the USB-C port on the 10T.

You can transfer recordings to the iPad via Dropbox or using IOS compatible hard drives and load them from those external devices for editing. However, I don’t think you can read files that you copied from a stand-alone recorder. Greg Simmons is the guy who has done the most research into this. That’s one reason why it’s really cool that the 10T now supports preface sends over USB. Because now you can record with Auria and not have to deal with importing tracks.

No problems with the 10T at 24/192 since the firmware update some time ago that fixed the high frequency noise problem. The max Auria supports is 24/96.

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Thank you for that excellent summary. You have almost convinced me to buy a 10ii, although I’m not a big fan of the Kashmir preamps.

How do you connect your 10T to the iPad? Is it the CCK?

How do you transfer your recordings from the iPad to your laptop? Also CCK?

And finally, do you experience any problems recording 8 tracks simultaneously at high resolutions, i.e., 96 or 192kHz?

If not, are you using the Sound Devices branded SD cards?