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Oh dear - sounds like you have damaged beyond use of that chip. As montions above replace the chip. As a future tip for measuring things in precarious places tag a little bit of wire onto the leg with solder and measure from the end of the wire. If you have clips on the DMM leads there's no need to touch while powered up.
I'm never going NEAR that thing again with a multimeter after this. I do plan on replacing every chip I so much as even touched (6 in total and as Jim said they are cheap). I did s brief re-cap of the area I was farting around in last night. Once these chips get here it's in the Synthesizer God's hands. I really hope the damage didn't make it downstream. This is what I'm looking at so yes I'll be praying: U454, U455, U462, U463, U406, U407[email protected]/?