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Correct. Not gonna work for heavy stuff. It isn’t meant to be an all-in-one solution. It’s just another tool in the toolbox for Apollo owners. It is one example of one way to get really good clean tone for bedroom recording by someone who’s well known for recording in a bedroom. A lot of Vulfpeck is recorded in their home and fearless flyers is actually recorded in their home studio (I think).

The fearless flyers (below) feature drummer Nate Smith, who has been everywhere the past year or two

That is not the sound of an amp sim. It is the sound of guitar going direct. He uses the amp sim very slightly only part of the time, for a little extra fatness and color.

It is possible to get a very dry, pure sound of the guitar going direct. Sounds nothing like an amp. Works for those funky Prince-style cleans, especially on a Strat. I've done it, its heard on many recordings.

Very nice guitar work by Cory using this, sounds great. It's a very limited tone though.