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May I ask, what did you pick up instead as your main job and how did you end up choosing that?
Hi IronFilm, sure. (Just checked you out on Utube. I feel your pain on the 24 hour days)

I was travelling by train to my audio job in London, and one day I struck up a conversation with a train driver. The chat eventually got round to pay and conditions - and I was absolutely staggered by what he was earning and the hours he did.

So I became a Long Distance passenger train driver.

What's the benefit?

Well a standard week is 35 hours over 4 days. So that's 3 days off every week with which to work in the studio, and on every third week the rotation gives my 5 days off in a row. The rosters last for 6 months, so once they're issued I know in advance what all my days off will be for that whole period.

Importantly, my scheduler can ASK me to work beyond my booked day, or come in for extra days but if I don't want to they are not allowed to pressure me. I bloody love that!!

There's good flexibility too - I can swap work days with my workmates to suit audio projects - plus I accrue additional leave days every time I work a bank holiday, which gives extra days that I can take off for audio work, or just fun.

The downside is (there's always one of those) that it's very regimented. It's not a job for a Free-Spirit, working on the railway is a bit like being at back at school, but if you don't screw up you hardly ever see any managers and you get left alone.

So there's a sort of Yin and Yang thing going on; highly disciplined day job, versus creative enjoyable audio work. This certainly wouldn't suit everyone, but it has got my life/work balance sorted.

Now my day job has me outdoors in all weathers. Sunshine, rain, snow, beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

It's like having your soul rebooted.

Hope this is useful, Dtyd.