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Not sure I understand. You're generating TTS on the desktop and want to capture it ("computer's line out and to my smartphone's jack"), but your phone wouldn't accept a line in? Why not use one of the many audio capture utilities for Windows or Macs? AFAIK, you can even still do it within Audacity Windows.

AFAIK the 1/8" jack on smartphones use tip and ring for left and right, then common on the second ring, then mic in on the part of the sleeve closest to the shell. A normal patch cable won't hit the input properly. I also believe the phones are looking for a much smaller signal than a headphone jack on a desktop will provide, and carry a DC voltage that might cause distortion in the desktop headphone output... but I haven't physically tested this.

If you want to record from the desktop into your phone (without using the speaker and mic), you need an adapter like this . But it's designed for standalone mics into the phone, and signal level might still be an issue.