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Great questions and an area of the synth I'm very proud of!

specifically, is it possible to route one of the oscillators to wonderful SSI filter for some good old filter fm?
Yes absolutely, and osc2 can actually be routed to many destinations via the mod matrix. Filter FM from DDS2 has a dedicated slider!

of course i mean in polyphonic context, i.e. poly-mod like you would do on Prophet 5.
It's 12 voice polyphonic
also, alternatively, can we utilize the polyphonic lfo as sort of limited, quasi third oscillator and route that to filter and/or other things?
You can use LFO1 as a third oscillator as a drone or tracking the keyboard. It can mix in with the DDS1 or DDS signal path through the analogue section

i figured out from Sonicstate video lfo is maximum 6 voice polyphonic in all modes, so i suppose this only makes sense in binaural mode when synth is 6 voice polyphonic.
That's correct

what is maximum range of the LFO in Hertz?
It's somewhere 10-20kHz, I would need to verify

In addition the LFO can also be used as an envelope in "One shot" mode and can be either free running or reset on key press.

All with dedicated controls

Hope this helps