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Old 18th December 2019
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Help? Blown Oscillator (BOOG - model D)

So I was trying to mod things inside my model boog - model D. I got PWM routed and sync and detune and all the nifty functions on the back but I was trying to figure out how to hard sync and I blew up a component on the first oscillator and can't for the life of me figure out which it is.

The other 2 oscillators work fine and stay in tune, filter works, lfo works, etc. The osc selection and octave selection works on Osc 1 also as with the switch. The main problem I can see is within the tuning section but everything I looked at looks relatively fine-- It plays notes in reverse (the higher up the keyboard the lower the note) and then into nothing. I doubt this is a common problem but I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions in the tuning area or something that could blow and I could swap it out indefinitely