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Well, I'm listening to Amazon HD right now... **edit, see original post above**
Very good review man. I like how into it you are. And your not the only one. For me, I download and don't stream. I like listening to files better than a "stream". For that process, everything been fine for me.

IMO, for now, until most artists get their head out their a$$es using "HD" (the 16 bit 44.1 level) is fine because that is the most common end result most labels/artists give the digital distribution places. When in "Ultra HD" mode (24 bit / 96-192k), I guess they are upsampling the original content for the artists that are behind the times ? IDK really. Just guessing.

Some artists did release 24/96k which in that case you will notice a good difference and benefit being in Ultra HD mode. And soon, that's the way it will be everywhere. At least the *option* to. For now just research which songs had a real 24/96k release and make your choice from that.

Oh yea, so when speaking of the auto "Normalization" process they do (if I understood you right, cause there is also a actual manual normalization option feature too), you are inadvertently speaking of LUFS. This is a long story, but end result is its a good thing. Its a "loudness standard" that originated in TV, to keep the commercials from being louder than the real show. Its locked in and now all TV has a volume/loudness standard that no one can deviate from. So its great ! Finally. The bad news is, the music industry has only half ass adopted it so far. But soon it will indeed 100% adopt it. For now, each individual place has its own LUFS level standard, LOL Its great for the place, cause now no matter how loud or quiet each artist mixed their song, they will all sound the same volume while listening on the place your at (Youtube, Spotify, Amazon, etc..). BUT the issue is there is not ONE industry standard yet that all must abide to. So a little confusion will stay until there is.

But what's so beautiful about this standard is, once 100% adopted by the music industry so every place has the same LUFS standard, then that will cause every artist to simply mix/master to that standard AND.... drum roll please.... *the loudness war is finally over !* Music will sound better again because everyone won't be smashing the living hell out of their stuff to appear louder than the next. You do that, and the LUFS standard will just turn that person down and the person that didn't master or compress at all up and they will be same volume end result. So the person that overly smashed his music would have done it for no reason. Over time as people realize this, we will all just stick to the standard and finally be done with the loudness wars.

The cars thing.. ha, for sure man, don't get me wrong, I own a Smart Car ! So I understand compact and gas saving. And yes Toyota and Honda make some long lasting great cars. Thats the "benefit" I speak of when I said my analogy. Thats compared to the fact that MP3's take up no space in your house and are much easier to use and cheaper to get.

But, the other side is the newer compact style cars look like total goofy crap and also just have a much lower "swag" as far as engine sound, people you can fit in them, cruising bonuses, and much lower strength of the bodies and harder to work on yourself compared to the older swag machines. This would compare to the fact that with the great benefits MP3's give us, they just sound like crap and similarly the exact pros can become a cons as far as some other things.

So yea as a Smart Car owner, dude, I am not blind to their benefits ! Its why I got one. But I also was just pointing out, they really are not so much "better" that we should all drive them and only them and cut every other choice out (like people are thinking about the mp3 vs real music file world), they are just different and each have pros and cons. Which is why I keep my old Impala forever and definitely drive it when I want to have a "cruising" day and show off in a sense. I also got a truck for when I need to haul stuff. So again, choices are best.

Nobody really shows off in a Smart Car or Toyota Corolla ! haha