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Lives for gear

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I only now saw this thread -- I'm about six weeks late -- and I'm already trying Amazon HD lossless.

As much as I'm enjoying it -- and ironically a good pal just comped me into his Tidal Lossless family plan [but I HATE the Tidal player (or the Tidal player as it existed last week; today add-to-queue and play-next are both on appropriate rt-click context menus AND working more as I would have originally expected. But it was def messed up when I wrote this post!] -- I have to agree with psycho_monkey: I just don't think there's popular interest in this -- nor would such interest really make that much sense, perhaps, since most folks, do, indeed, listen on quite inferior gear.

I posted in FB about my exploration of Amazon Lossless and the response was profoundly underwhelming, despite the fact that most of my FB friends are musicians.

But, anyhow, I see the conversation here has moved on to advanced data compression codecs for higher sample rate content, a topic I find less compelling, though it's no doubt fascinating when you get into it.
LOL, I know the subject took a turn. Thanks for sharing your experiences Blue.

Yea I actually got 3 people to sign up for it that I actually know for sure. I say its less about it needing to catch on, and the point of the thread was the excitement that its being *offered*. THIS is what will cause the free market competition thing to take place and soon *others will offer it*. NEXT after that will be the .wav offering, no lossless. Etc.. Maybe it won't grab as many purchases, sure, but it being a option is a win for us.

As a offered option now, this will cause for more artists to do as I plan on doing and releasing 24/96k album releases. This my friends is the trickle effect I speak of. Its important, and happening.

Things don't always turn to crap and stay like that. Sometimes its society subconsciously trying it out, thinking its going to take over, and it really doesn't. Example - Back in the 50's and 60's cars here in America were just built absolutely the best ever. No corners cut, no bean counting, just deliver the customer the sexiest piece of steel you can. Ok - then in the 80's through early 90's, cars starting getting extremely cheesy and built like complete crapola. Every new car invention feature was marketed as the best thing ever, always ended up failing miserably, lol. The "muscle car" completely 100% faded out. Compact was in. Front wheel drive was in, No rear wheel drive - (the mp3 of cars). People swore up and down this was it. Never going back. Only forward, so give into the mp3 car, blah blah blah...

Then about 15 years ago and now especially, the awesome ass muscle cars have come back. And obviously selling like crazy cause, well, they look better and drive like beasts !

This cycle happens with everything I feel. The old doesn't 100% come back, but its good parts do with a modern twist once everyone realizes they were dumb for giving it up. This WILL happen with quality of music. So IMO (the concept of the thread), don't give into cutting corners and recording on MBoxes, and Florissant Colored Morning Cereals as DAWs and using sample packs instead of learning how to play instruments just cause some 17 year old says its cool.... lol - And more importantly, don't think the mp3 is the last ever in music quality so therefore you can slack off in quality control down at URABaddAss headquarters. Stay real, it always pays off in the long run *once the dust settles* :-)