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I'm not sure if this is exactly what your looking for and I only have experience with the Home Theater RMU -but in the RMU you can assign objects and beds to "Groups". Then you can set up Re-Renders for each group. The Re-renders can be "live" meaning they will return on the RMU outputs selected. Output 23 is where they start by default on the HTRMU. I use a feed of the 5.1 folddown for a program loudness meter and also have stereo stems/splits returning so i can provide WIP versions of the folddowns.
You can also have some re-renders set as offline so that after the Atmos master is printed in the RMU you can export the re-renders in 1 go. We have it set to export 7.1, 5.1 and stereo mix and splits for everything. If you wanted the beds and objects to be separate files you can do that too, or you can do it both ways. I don't know if the Cinema RMU works in the same fashion but its a smooth easy process in the HTRMU once set up correctly.