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I second Ben's comments.
Here's an example. For a “alt” rock concert at the Filmore in San Francisco (about 1,000 “seats”) I used a setup taught to me by Guy Charbonneau, (Le Mobile). I placed a pair of mics on each side of the stage, positioned in the “shadow” of the speaker column.. The inside mic of each pair was a hypercardioid pointed at the centerline, a few rows back from the stage lip. The second mic of each pair was a shotgun, pointed at the centerline, far rear of the hall (if the hall was wider, these would be pointed more straight back).
These were augmented by one mic on each side of the hall, about half way back; a hypercardioid pointed into the crowd at an angle of about 30 degrees.
I expanded of Guy's setup and placed an x/y pair of cardioids at FOH.
At a smaller hall, I might leave out one pair of mics, at a larger I might add another pair.

Now, for a Comedy Central special at the same venue, I used 16 mics of various patterns positioned throughout the hall (including the balcony), all discretely out of camera view. Yes, 16. For a comedy show, if you don't have crowd reaction when and where the director or mixer wants it, you ain't got nothing.