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As for D19 .. think of it as a lesser beautiful R15 that it can do anything, acoustic guitar, vocal, or on any drum, etc.
They're similar but different and equally awesome. It's got more bottom than an RE15 but the top isn't quite as nice. I've got both and use them equally often on the same sources.
D19 is fantastic on toms and snare, it's the Ringo OH on many mid period records so you've likely heard it there, it's great on acoustic guitar (I swapped it for an RE15 in that position just last week. the guitar was a bit bright on it's own and the RE15 made it sound nice but a little thin. The D19 sounded huge), it's also great on the back of an upright piano and lots of vocals. You can point it at almost anything and it will do a decent job (provided it's working which is a real gamble these days).