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AKG D19C and D12

Hi All,

I picked up an AKG D19C and AKG D12 today in absolute mint condition for 200 euro's each. They look as if they have never been used. (bought it from a guy who got them from a store that was closing down)
The AKG D12 is in its original box with a long cable wrapped around the cardboard holder and there is no connector at the end of the cable. The cable is open at the end and the the wires start a couple of centimeters further in the cable. (i added some pictures below)
Did some D12's come like that for people to connect their own plug?

It's a while i wanted to have an AKG D12. The D19C was not really on my bucket list, but for that price and in that condition i couldn't keep myself from adding it to my collection.
I know the D19 has been discussed in many threads over the years but maybe just for fun some people could tell me what it really shines on? I find a lot of loose information so would be nice to have a to the point thread on where to use it without having to discuss wether or not they are worth the ridiculous amount they go for. I just happen to have one now and would like to try it on as many sources as possible. If people are interested i could even try post some samples on here.

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