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It's that one weird synth drum that's really loud and sounds like ass. It's overly resonant, and even worse the pitch is very unstable. I'm sure they loved it because they were like, "tHe PiTcH dRiFtS! sO aNaLoG, mAn!" but in reality besides it sounding like ass, it seems to drift between F# and G but mostly lands in the crack. Sometimes it goes flat as well but not as much as sharp. Drives my ears crazy because it's just out of tune with the track, and just flat out of tune period, and stupid loud.

I don't think people with ears mix stuff like this though so I can see why it sneaks past. I can see the mix happening in my head...This is just a dude with some friends over and they high five each other every time that out of tune, super loud synth drum hits and one dude is just silent in the background nodding his head, "yaaaaassssssssss" the whole time.
Thank you! The other guy said the mix was perfect and I started doubting my ears. To me this drum is the worst thing I've heard on any commercial record.

Here's the sample of it after close to 20dB (!) reduction. I had to do it because I kind of like the album and this song aint bad overall, and didn't want to throw it away, so I did some "remastering". It doesn't bother me now.
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