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I absolutely think we need to rethink society in general and certainly the business of art in particular.

But likely we won't, because we've "all" been taught that this way is the only way.
I'm surprised that this effort to cheat people out of their livelihoods is a surprise to anyone whose been in the business over the last 70 years. Musicians and Songwriters have always been on the short end of the investment stick. Back in the 50's through the 70s the same story was repeated - Record companies would legally screw artist who signed paperwork that legally allowed the Record companies to take their money. Worst of all - musicians didn't help other musicians out - by talking about what the record companies intentions might be or by letting everyone know what a horrible contract a company will offer. And that sharktastic approach trickled down to the bottom - so touring musicians who had a name would only pay opening acts a pittance - and give them crappy or nonexistent sound and lights - and generally treat the up and coming musicians like dirt - just as the record companies were treating people like dirt.

This recent outrage is just one more legal screw job by investors. And the biggest impediment to people winning against this is not going to be the Lawyers for the various investors - it's going to be our fellow composers - some of whom will sell out to the system instead of standing in solidarity with fellow composers. And they won't not because they don't believe in the cause - it's because everyone is out for themselves - which is the point @ mattiasnyc made at the end of his post - Capitalist have educated us that unless we are only out for ourselves we'll be screwed by solidarity. Which is another way of saying that the big money has always been against Unions - which is the only thing Capitalist are afraid of.