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We either bond together as a team or die at the hands of corporate greed.
I know I'm like a broken record, but this whole "corporate greed" thing is just the wrong way to look at it. It's just capitalism. This is how it works. If these networks could replace composers with AI composing computers they would. Actually, I'm pretty sure to a very large part they eventually will.

When I was younger (and even dumber) I often heard the response that people in industries that faced 'automation' needed to just get reeducated and move into a different line of work. Auto worker losing job to robot? Reeducate yourself. Coal miner losing job to clean energy? Reeducate yourself.

Most of the people who said that and really believed in it either lacked the capacity for empathy/sympathy, or simply believed that there will always be enough work for everyone and it's just a matter of switching jobs. They almost never saw their own line of work threatened when they made those statements though. Lawyers, investment bankers, doctors.. they'll all see demand drop as AI takes over.

So really the question is faaar larger than dealing with Netflix and Discovery. They'll do whatever they can to make as much money as possible just like every other business. I absolutely think we need to rethink society in general and certainly the business of art in particular.

But likely we won't, because we've "all" been taught that this way is the only way.