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Old 13th December 2019
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The V6S4 is still pretty awesome. Other current KRKs are solid performers too but I think that's the most even overall one.

Many of the current KRK monitors are actually very good and I like them more than any Focal. They're simply more pleasant to listen to and work on. The Rokit 5 G4s (port issues but the bigger ones have major suckout), the V6 S4, and the V8 S4 (upper mid scoop but it sounds good) are all good with some caveats. They just have durability issues I've experienced with the internal electronics that I simply haven't experienced in other budget brands like JBL and Yamaha. That being said, I think the V6S4 is a far better sounding speaker than the A7X and KH120 for around 1200 dollars. It's not nearly as detailed as the 2k a pair soft domes from Quested, ATC, and Dynaudio but performs very well for it's price bracket.

If Gibson can fix the durability and include some beefy, quiet Class AB amps in the new Exposes, they will be awesome.