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Well with a tweed bassman and 4x12, you're definitely doing it the right way. A tweed is the one amp I'd really like to get. I've been auditioning tweed deluxes but that's not enough umph for me. There was a Victoria Bandmaster (?) 3x10" that kicked my ass but at the time I was looking for a Super Reverb so I had to pass. I still remember that one lighting me up, but it was pretty loud too!

I mentioned it before but the best tones I've heard out of the Kemper are by using pedals in front because digital distortion sounds like ass. Stick a real Klon or Tube Driver in front of the Kemper and it gets better. Would I rather be using your rig in a great room, hell yeah, all day everyday.

I'm going to fire up my old amp girls, burn some profiles which I've been meaning to do and record some comparisons. I've lived with the Kemper for quite awhile now but have been waiting for the editor to be released before I start selling and tweaking my own profiles. I will say that without a doubt the Kemper is the hardest piece of hardware I've ever used. It's like flying the space shuttle. Partly because it's so deep but also because it can be hard to get around on. They've come a LONG way in making it easier to use and the new editor is great.

Throw some links at me of your favorite tones. Might should be in a different thread. I'll see how close I can come and use that as a benchmark.