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Can I ask where this quote comes from? A friend and I have been discussing exactly the same thing recently.
comes from me, I just wrote it for you.

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Real Tube PreAmp into an H3000 using a patch that had the left channel a few cents sharp and delayed and the other channel a few cents flat - thus allowing me to play in stereo. That fed a reverb and an Intellifex multi effects processor - this went into a Mos Valve Power Amp - if memory it was 150 watts per channel and out to those closed cabinet Mesa Boogie 12" Theil cabinets.

The thing about that PreAmp was the clean channel could be dialed in to sound just like my vintage Deluxe Reverb and the direty channel could sound like a Marshall.
That is a nice rig, I had something similar back in the day. I love tube preamps. I use BK Butler's Tube Driver in my rig. That thing can be made to sound like just about any overdrive or fuzz, except more animate and biting because of the tube. Works amazingly with the amp's nature overdrive. There is a great tube preamp pedal made by Audio Kitchen called "The Big Trees" which is awesome. Some I've recorded with loved to use it direct for bass and guitar. I use an Alembic preamp on a Leslie with its own power amp sometimes (copying Gilmour) which sounds very blackface. If I had to go direct without a power amp or speakers, I'd look to use a tube preamp.

I've found vintage tubes really make a huge difference in sound in these units.
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I've used the Kemper for jangly electric 12 string parts, a killer baritone with trem, a lapsteel pad with too much verb, an in your face Prince funk part, a fuzzed out lead, an 80's rock lead with wah, a metal body reso slide solo, twangy telecaster tones AND a heavy low Diezel amp thing....and that was just in the past few weeks!
You sound like an impressive guitarist. Mine is just one guy's opinion from limited experience with Kemper and sims, but a lotta experience with amps. I know it can't get all the way there, but for how close it can get I leave in your able hands.

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I'm talking about getting useable tones from a Kemper, not freaking holy grail tonez.
I've found you can get pretty damn close to holy grail tone with a humble rig, small amp, some pedals, decent mic and preamp/interface. Plenty of great inexpensive mic preamps, I know nothing of inexpensive interfaces but there must be some.

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