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I'm a huge Blake Mills fan and uh, no a Kemper is not going to sound like a '55 Tweed Twin in a great room surrounded by amazing mics through a vintage Neve.
Come on. My home studio isn't going to sound like Abbey Road no matter how many plugins I use that say Abbey Road on them either. I'm talking about getting useable tones from a Kemper, not freaking holy grail tonez. If SRV were alive, (RIP) he wouldn't be using a Kemper but he also wouldn't be recording his wall of amps in an apartment either!

As an old(er) dude with a vintage 100w SuperLead, I feel sorry for these kids that will probably never experience the blasting howitzer of a roaring Marshall through a 4x12. It takes some skill just to be able to man handle that thang much less stand in front of it. Other than a studio, I'm not sure where I can even get this old girl cooking anymore...certainly not on a gig.

Jeff Beck was in town awhile back and a friend of mine (bastard) got to go back stage and stand by Jeff's amps which were facing backwards behind the curtains. I asked him what it sounded like and he said "it sounded like the fountain of youth!"