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Back in the days when I was still playing out I put together a rig with the following:

Real Tube PreAmp into an H3000 using a patch that had the left channel a few cents sharp and delayed and the other channel a few cents flat - thus allowing me to play in stereo. That fed a reverb and an Intellifex multi effects processor - this went into a Mos Valve Power Amp - if memory it was 150 watts per channel and out to those closed cabinet Mesa Boogie 12" Theil cabinets. I put the rig together after reading an interview with Eliot Easton who described how he got his sound in the studio with the H3000. I think it was probably Guitar Player but heck if I can remember.

I had such a wonderful sound and the audeience and other musicians loved my rig.

I still have the PreAmp but I now use it in the studio for times when I want to get loud but keep the noise down.

The thing about that PreAmp was the clean channel could be dialed in to sound just like my vintage Deluxe Reverb and the direty channel could sound like a Marshall.

I of course generally prefer playing through an amp but my studio is in my home and I do not want my neighbors getting curious so in the summer when people are likely to have windows ajar I still go to the PreAmp and it gets really good tones and I never feel like the stuff recorded through it is suffering in anyway. And I bought this PreAmp back in what, the early 90's if memory serves.

I am not into amp sims nor am I into plugin pedals for guitars but I am also not against them as I simply have no experience to like or dislike them. My guess is that if you spend time with just about any pedal, sim or plugin you can probably find something that you'll be happy with.

Who knows, perhaps one of these days I'll be able to try the Kemperer or whatever it is called. For now, I go to my Amp or my PreAmp and I am a happy camper.

Interesting thread - interesting opinions and all. As I have stated, I have no experience so have no dog in the hunt.