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Last words from a "high priest" of analog:

There is a dumbing down of music, and society in general, into mediocrity, homogeneity, conformity. This is a real, Orwellian conspiracy which has been going on for a long time, working through the media companies, to control society, and suppress the threat that music can be. It's not just about commercialism - its about control. Media in general and music in particular are the most powerful tools to influence or control what people think, to one end or the other. They want the soul and individuality ripped out of music. If Bruno Mars was actually saying something to people instead of pushing shallow materialism, blingin and ballin, he would not see the light of day.

In a sense, musicians are soldiers, holy warriors, on the front line in the battle for humanity's soul. The electric guitar is one of the most potent weapons ever created. They would love nothing more than to see its lost art vanish from the earth. To those who carry it on, I salute you.

Can I ask where this quote comes from? A friend and I have been discussing exactly the same thing recently.